5 Reasons to be Grateful for the Internet during a Job Search

Because it is the theme for this week, I wanted to lay out a reminder of why we should be grateful for how many resources are accessible online these days to job seekers. Everyone is generally aware of this list, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of why you shouldn’t take these resources for granted.

Oh, and these are all FREE. Even if you can’t afford internet, the local library has it for you to use.

  1. Online Job Listings

I was just offered a job that I found and applied for through a really simple indeed.com online application! Networking is important, but I guess it sometimes depends on luck and the job. I recommend sites like Glassdoor and Indeed since they are easy to use and can send you new search results by email, so you can be on top of newly posted opportunities.

  1. Advice Columns

There are many people online providing advice and most it is pretty darn good (if you go to the right sources).  I’ve really started liking stuff from The Muse but I also find a ton of great articles on LinkedIn. Don’t forget about LinkedIn, even if you aren’t using it for networking.

  1. Online Classes

Are you lacking some important experience on your resume? Take a class about it! It’s amazing the instruction that’s available online – you can learn anything from basic science to marketing concepts to guitar. If you can’t find an official class on what you want to learn, there is probably a YouTube video about it. The more time I spend online the more I realize I don’t have great excuses for not knowing something about a job or a company. Check out Udemy or Coursera.

  1. Online Communities

When you’re on the job market it can really start to take a toll emotionally, especially because there will likely be rejections even if you get interviews. It can start to make you feel alone. But there are a ton of people out there feeling the exact same way! I mostly discovered this from the comment threads after advice articles on LinkedIn or in the discussions in online classes in Udemy. There are lots of other places to find communities too.

  1. Social Networks/Email

I greatly appreciate the ability to stay in contact with people I haven’t seen (or even communicated with) in 15 years through the magic of social networks. Someone from your high school could have your dream job or live in a city you are considering moving to. It is easy to approach someone online and send a quick message asking for help. It’s easy on their part too because if they don’t want to help, they could just ignore it, and then everyone can pretend it just didn’t happen.


I don’t know how our parents/grandparents did the whole job-finding thing before the internet. I might never be successful if I had to rely on cold phone calls and bugging people in person. I barely remember what it was like to travel places without a GPS or smart phone.

Being grateful has been shown to make people happier, and happier people are more confident, and confident people are more likely to get jobs. So be grateful! And thank you for reading!

Feel free to share other things you’re grateful for in the comments.

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