Welcome to the flip side of the PhD!

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The goal of this blog is to highlight career paths for science PhDs outside of academia.


As children of the 80s and 90s, we were told to stay in school. Well, some of us took that literally and completed  22 years of education or training. We are here to shine a light on the careers people have found after leaving the academic realm and crossing over to the real world.

We have completed PhDs and postdoctoral studies in the biomedical sciences and are in the process of transitioning from academic training positions into promising career paths outside of academia. Shauna and I will tell you about our background in future posts and we will have guest posts from people who have completed their graduate training and now hold positions in a variety of fields.

We hope we can help you make it to the other side.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the flip side of the PhD!

  1. I am SO glad that you started this site! I’m in the process of completing my PhD and starting to really look outside of academia to see what I else I can do other than be a professor. I’m looking forward to reading more stories about what people are doing outside of academia. Thank you!

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